Aero bodywork provides optimum locations for batteries, chargers while optimizing weight distribution.  Front 55% Rear 45%.  (When a rider is riding the bike, weight distribution is 50/50).

Aerodynamic Design elements with rider integrated into the bike package

Riders up to 6’4″ sit low, mostly out of the airstream. Even a small rider can place feet flat on the ground at a stoplight.  A relatively long wheelbase, (52″) makes room for the taller riders and provides high-speed stability.

Less Drag

One-third less frontal area than any comparable performance bike in the world.

(It punches a 1/3 smaller hole in the air.) The roughly 1/2 the aero drag of conventional sport bikes.  Cutting edge AERO Front Fender MOTO GP inspired.

Increased Range, Acceleration, and Speed

Achieved by race inspired aerodynamic design

Body Work Increases Range, Acceleration, and speed. Designed with features from our WORLDS RECORD High Mileage Bike (557 MPG), and our X_GAMES PARACHUTE BIKE.   We drew inspiration from the current MOTO GP World Championship Road Racing Motorcycles.

Power Plant


Made by a USA company.  Electric Pumps transfer coolant from the front mounted Aluminum Radiator to the Electric motor, and back, so that a massive amount of current can be delivered to the motor without it overheating.


Custom Programable SEVCON COMPUTER/ CONTROLLER, The Worlds Best EV “BRAIN.”

Cutting Edge HIGH DISCHARGE BATTERIES are Engery Dense, Compact Lithium ION Technology.  The are made in the USA Exclusively for the HANEBRINK HUSTLER.

Ride Stability and Handling Features

Adjustable Triple Clamps

Allow RAKE, Trail, and Fork Offset, to be tuned to suit The rider, with one size hex key.  In under 5 minutes.  Allows quicker turn-in if desired.

Frame – Monocoque “BOX”

Monocoque “BOX” frame carries main battery pack down low, and forward. Centralized mass at center of gravity, contributes to optimum cornering, handling, less energy consumed in turning.