The Most Efficient Electric Motorcycle on Planet Earth

By October 1, 2016Our Blog

HANEBRINK ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLES has completed comprehensive RANGE TESTS, of our pre-production prototype E-Superbike, confirming that this model (the “HUSTLER”) is currently the most EFFICIENT Electric Motorcycle on Planet Earth!

THE HUSTLER HAS AN ENERGY CONSUMPTION OF 1 KILOWATT HOUR”S WORTH OF BATTERY ENERGY PER 21 MILES. (in city mode) No other production E-Motorcycle is even close. We have plenty of respect for the northern Calif. company (our closest range competitor) who claims 161 miles per charge, with a 13.0 KWH Battery pack on board.

This works out to 12.3 miles per KiloWatt Hour. This is quite good. However, Their bike travels approximately HALF as far (on one KWH) as the HANEBRINK HUSTLER.

NEXT: Efficiency equals SPEED.

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