Race Ready

The Hanebrink “Hustler” Electric Sport Bike is a BLAST to ride on a racetrack. Throw a leg over the low-slung Electric Rocketship.   Turn on the switch, flip the in -gear selection toggle. Twist the electronic throttle, and accelerate down pit lane, out on the racetrack.

  • No gears to shift
  • No clutch to operate
  • No foot controls (Front and rear brakes on right and left handlebars)
  • No gasoline needed

Corner entry is a dream come true, with just the right amount of programmable, progressive, rear wheel drag, as the motor feeds charge back into the battery (regen).

Adjustable steering geometry can provide quicker corner entry for the more aggressive rider.

It is great to not have to downshift, clutch throttle, and to direct your entire attention to the front and rear brakes. You can feed the throttle in very early, it is smooth and linear.  No sudden burst of power. Power on out of the turn, and feel the MIGHTY RUSH of the continuous acceleration, even stronger approaching Maximum speed. (traction control is not necessary). It is like one massive gear, that keeps on winding.

14″ wheels and tires have less gyroscopic effect, allowing the bike to be flicked quickly and easily from side to side in s-turns.  Smaller diameter (and wider) wheels, tires, allow the rider and components to be packaged more compactly, to achieve that 1/3 less frontal area.

The bike is incredibly easy to flick from side to side and has MOTO GP level ground clearance for cornering.  You may drag your knee, AND your elbow if you like.  You can take a tighter line around a turn, reducing the distance traveled extending your range.